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"Managing return flows is perhaps the biggest challenge for logistics professionals. Blokker managed to tie all the chains together."


Mark Hilhorst, Logistics Manager at Blokker: "Apart from the e-commerce activities, we are also faced with a growing flow of returns to be processed in the two distribution centres. Consumers now return goods easily if they are not satisfied and they expect or want a fast service’’, explains Hilhorst. "Besides that, we also have a different policy on waste, which resulted in a grown volume of return goods."

Items which are being returned create a flow of return. This flow is governed by agreements made by buyers with suppliers and manufacturers. So the shop staff and the people who work in the distribution centres need to know immediately how to handle the returned products. An important success factor is that the buyer is in charge of the chosen return handling.

The pilot started at the Geldermalsen location. Significant advantages were proven to the handling of returns in the shops. The shop staff learned how to handle the system in a short period of time thanks to an e-learning approach. The project was completed, after also the franchisees were optimally served on wishes and requirements.


  • Creates an RMA based on original sales and / or customer data through website or (checkout) store.
  • Handling the returns based on the business rules (exchange, money back, repair, etc.).
  • Labeling.
  • Controlling the process of return receiving returns.
  • Controlling the logistic return process (including RF, sorting installations, etc.).
  • Stock listings.
  • Tracking & tracing.
  • Progress monitoring.
  • Leakage monitoring.
  • Financial settlement.
  • Connecting all chain parties (customer, webshop, stores, delivery points,
    carriers, logistics, repairers, suppliers, buyers, etc.).