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.... a popular webshop focussed on living, cooking & dining, garden & balcony and household. fonQ operates in the Netherlands and in Belgium.


Collecting and managing Article Data.

Variant 1: for purchasing existing items.

Suppliers can upload item catalogs and inventory data. This can be done easily via the API or via Excel uploads.

The article catalogs are then placed in the Portal and you can then choose which articles can and can't be ordered. The Portal offers management functionality for the article data.

Variant 2: for purchasing items that will be newly developed.

A workflow guides the sample processes and the collection and recording of physical and administrative item data. The Portal offers management functionality for the article data.


Reconciling purchase orders with suppliers.

The Portal presents the purchase orders to the correct supplier.

The supplier indicates whether the demand as mentioned in the purchase orders can be met.  Adjustments can be made about delivery date, delivery quantities and quality.

Changes and deviations in purchase orders are being tracked. The Portal provides a clear overview on the status of the purchase orders.

The Portal monitors the progress and reports issues and alerts you in the event of deviations or progress problems. All Supply Chain parties involved will have the same view on the status, progress and possible deviations on the purchase orders.

EDI messages can be imported and exported.