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FOOT LOCKER CONNECTS THEIR SUPPLY CHAIN PARTIES TO SUPPLY CHAIN PORTAL an American retailer in sportswear and footwear, listed on the New York stock exchange, active in about 20 countries around the world. Foot Locker Europe controls its flows (branded + private label) with the Incore Supply Chain Portal. The Portal facilitates Supply Chain collaboration in the full width of the supply chain. Marc Buitendijk, supply chain projects at Foot Locker Europe. A Collaborative Supply Chain is more than a nice term at Foot Locker. It has needs to be executed through collaboration between all internal departments at Foot Locker and the vendor partners like Nike or Adidas.

"All flows, order distribution, edi exchange, order reconciliation, consolidation, shipment creation, e-b.o.l., intake planning (physical and financial), slot booking and yard management, vendor compliance". 

Reconciling purchase orders with suppliers.

The Portal presents the purchase orders to the correct supplier.

The supplier indicates whether the demand as mentioned in the purchase orders can be met.  Adjustments can be made about delivery date, delivery quantities and quality.

Changes and deviations in purchase orders are being tracked. The Portal provides a clear overview on the status of the purchase orders.

The Portal monitors the progress and reports issues and alerts you in the event of deviations or progress problems. All Supply Chain parties involved will have the same view on the status, progress and possible deviations on the purchase orders.

EDI messages can be imported and exported.


Inbound Control Tower.

Supply Chain Portal provides a real-time overview on the progress and status of inbound shipments.

All M.O.T's  are supported (Road, Sea, Air and Train).

All flow types are supported (shipments from suppliers to logistics operations, transit shipments, cross-dock shipments, direct shipments and drop shipments).

The departure and arrival times of shipments are being monitored. The Portal provides Track and Trace information and will alert you in case of any progress problems.

Transport documents (f.e. C.O.O., B/L, E-cmr, SSCC) are being digitized.



Automatic scheduling of time slots for receipts.

Suppliers and carriers can make a slot booking appointment in the Portal for unloading and loading goods at the logistics operation.

Based on a finite time- and capacity planning, the logistics operation is planned efficiently. This diminisches peak times in the logistics operation.

The logistics operation gains a clear and accurate view on the inbound shipments to receive, and the required resources for the receival process.

Also the Portal directs the Yard Management and Dock Scheduling. This prevents congestion and diminisches any waiting times for the trucks.


Control of Inter-DC transports.

The correct goods, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right DC.

Inter-DC transports (Transito, Overflow and Replenishment) are planned and controlled by the Portal.