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..... an international fruit and vegetable company, which supplies and distributes a complete daily fresh range of vegetables, fruit and mushrooms to (international) supermarkets, wholesalers, caterers and the processing industry.


Automatic scheduling of time slots.

Suppliers and carriers can make a slot booking appointment in the Portal for unloading and loading goods at the logistics operation.

Based on a finite time- and capacity planning, the logistics operation is planned efficiently. This diminisches peak times in the logistics operation.

The logistics operation gains a clear and accurate view on the inbound shipments to receive, and the required resources for the receival process.

Also the Portal directs the Yard Management and Dock Scheduling. This prevents congestion and diminisches any waiting times for the trucks.



Outbound Control Tower.

Based on your business rules Transports are offered to the right carriers.

The delivery addresses / customers are being informed on the content of the transport and their planned delivery time.

The progress of the transport is being monitored. The Portal provides Track and Trace information. In case of delay, the delivery addresses / customers will be informed instanty.

Transport documents are being digitized (E-cmr, B/L).

The goods transfer to the delivery address / customer is captured in the Portal. Any defects can be reported via the App.


Control of Inter-DC transports.

The correct goods, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right DC.

Inter-DC transports (Transito, Overflow and Replenishment) are planned and controlled by the Portal.