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Source: Logistiek March 2011 / Special

JUMBO supermarkets started with the implementation of Supply Chain Portal, at first in their distribution centre in Woerden, which greatly improved reception planning on the distribution centres. Once it turned out to work out well, the rollout to the other distribution centres went swift.  "This was due to the huge support we received from suppliers and logistics service providers," said project manager. "That was also special about this implementation. Normally, an IT project is highly internally targeted. This is much broader oriented and offers immediate benefits to all parties. "

Suppliers and carriers can make a slot booking appointment in the Portal for unloading and loading goods at the logistics operation.

Based on a finite time- and capacity planning, the logistics operation is planned efficiently. This diminisches peak times in the logistics operation.

The logistics operation gains a clear and accurate view on the inbound shipments to receive, and the required resources for the receival process.

Also the Portal directs the Yard Management and Dock Scheduling. This prevents congestion and diminisches any waiting times for the trucks.



There is still much to be done in the process between buyers and suppliers. Especially in peak periods (Christmas) or peak times (end of the week) it can be chaotic in the retailers distribution centres. At a high level of aggregation, the supermarket organization knows what has been ordered and when the items arrive. But the translation to the work floor - how many forklifts and employees should be at any dock at any time - is often unclear. Consequence? A long waiting queue of irritated truck drivers, extra hire of flex workers, and a lot of irritation over and over again.


The Supply Chain Portal connects the buyers, suppliers / carriers and the logistics organization of the retailer. The goal is to share information in the portal so that everyone has access to it. Within certain limits, a supplier can choose when he wants to deliver at a distribution center. JUMBO supermarkets guarantees that the truck can start unloading within half an hour. The benefit for the supplier / carrier is that he can optimally adjust the appropriate ride. Distribution centers can spread the receiving’s throughout the day and maximize the capacity of people, forklifts and docks. The buyers / buying agents have a proper view of the process and can act proactively. "A totally different way of working," says the Jumbo project manager. "Previously, we had no clear real time status information. Now my buyers can check online whether all orders have been planned by vendors. That will help us in our service level. "


When planning a slot booking, the requires capacity for unloading is being calculated by the Portal. The required capacity depends, among other things, on the content and size of the shipment. A pretty tough algorithm, because each order line has different delivery windows. More or less similar to booking a flight online.

"The proof that the portal works well we saw during the Christmas season last year"

In the meantime, the retailer has connected approximately 1,200 suppliers and 180 logistics service providers. Important for doing this was the user-friendliness of the portal. "The proof that the portal works well was provided during Christmas season last year," says the Jumbo project manager.