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Supply Chain Portal MODULES


All you need for sourcing. Supplier tendering, Sampling, the creation of Article Data, Contract Information up to the creation of the Purchase Orders, it will be managed by the Portal. Suppliers and Buying Agents are connected in China, India (+ 16 different countries).

All you need for Purchase Order management. Amendments and deviations on Purchase orders are being presented, agreed up on, and filed. You will have a clear overview on the real time status of all Purchase orders, including the OTB. EDI messages can be imported and exported. This module helps to manage your buying process from A to Z.

Inbound Logistics
Maximum elimination of uncertainty, from monitoring production progress, up to guarding the ex-factory date. From creating and consolidating shipments, up to calculating and guarding the ETA. SSCC labels can be printed and this module provides complete Track & Trace on Road, Sea and Air. You will have clear overviews on the expected inbound flow. A time planning and finite capacity planning are being calculated, and every flow type will be scheduled to its optimum.

No more waiting time and peak time in your logistic operations. With this module Suppliers and Carriers can simply make a slot booking for the delivery of their shipments at your logistic operations. By scheduling the receivals in time and under finite capacity, your logistic operations will run in the most efficient way. This module provides planning functionality for Slot booking and also Yard management and Dock scheduling to optimize the logistic execution.

Outbound Logistics
This module handles shipments to shops and consumers. It supports all flows, from direct shipments to regular shipments from your logistic operations. It provides Track & Trace, monitors the delivery accuracy, and delivery problems can be monitored, handled and logged.

Reverse Logistics
This module provides a clear insight in the flow of returns and helps to manage the processes. All flows are supported, either from consumers or shops, destined to the logistic operation or to Suppliers or Repair Centres. It gives a complete and real time overview of all return flows and all statuses. Cycle time and leakage are monitored, and incidents are reported and handled in the Portal.

Decrease your administrative hassle. This module creates Supplier invoices by self-billing.