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RITUALS ASSURES TRACEABILITY THROUGH THEIR SUPPLY CHAIN BY USING SUPPLY CHAIN PORTAL a fast growing brand and a succesful retailer with shops on various continents.

Supply Chain Portal supports the traceability of shipments and products in the inboundflow (from production up to logistic operation). The Portal enables SSCC labelling functionality by suppliers.


Inbound Control Tower.

Supply Chain Portal provides a real-time overview on the progress and status of inbound shipments.

All M.O.T's  are supported (Road, Sea, Air and Train).

All flow types are supported (shipments from suppliers to logistics operations, transit shipments, cross-dock shipments, direct shipments and drop shipments).

The departure and arrival times of shipments are being monitored. The Portal provides Track and Trace information and will alert you in case of any progress problems.

Transport documents (f.e. C.O.O., B/L, E-cmr, SSCC) are being digitized.